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Curatorial credits

Curatorial Credits

Exhibition Curators:

Dr Marthe Achtnich (Fellow by Examination in Anthropology, Magdalen College)

Marthe is an anthropologist researching mobility and migration through multi-sited fieldwork, with a focus on the journeys of migrants across the Sahara desert, Libya and by boat to Europe. Marthe holds a DPhil (PhD) in Social Anthropology and an MPhil in Migration Studies, both from the University of Oxford. Before starting her current Fellowship at Magdalen College, she was a Wiener-Anspach Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium.

Dr William Allen (Fellow by Examination in Political and Development Studies, Magdalen College)

William’s research examines how messages conveyed through media impact public attitudes towards immigrants, as well as how data increasingly matter for global mobility and politics. His past public engagement with research activities have included using theatre-based techniques in museum and schools settings.

Dr Annelies Andries (Fellow by Examination in Music, Magdalen College)

After earning a B.A. in classical singing, Annelies studied musicology in Leuven and Berlin to then complete a PhD at Yale University with a dissertation on operatic culture in Paris during Napoleon I’s reign (1799-1815). In her postdoctoral research she explores the impact that conflict had on the European theatrical and musical landscape of the long-nineteenth century, studying the circulation of music theatre as well as the ways war was depicted on stage. Annelies also enjoys engaging the wider public in outreach programmes, concert-lectures, and by writing programme notes for various European opera and concert venues.

Dr Douglas Boubert (Fellow by Examination in Physics, Magdalen College)

Douglas studies the fast stars of the Milky Way and other nearby galaxies. A particular research focus is on hypervelocity stars, which are stars travelling fast enough to escape our Galaxy. While at Magdalen, Douglas plans to test his hypothesis that the hypervelocity stars have travelled to the Milky Way from another galaxy. Other research themes include searching for the left-behind companions of stars that have exploded in supernovae and mapping the gravitational interplay of the Local Group of galaxies. Douglas joined Magdalen as a Fellow by Examination in 2018.

Mr William Shire (Assistant Librarian, Magdalen College)

Will joined Magdalen College in August 2019 and started working to support the library’s programme of exhibitions straight away. As he is passionate about using technology to support the library’s exhibition and event programmes, he very much enjoyed working on this exhibition. For Immobility, Will edited and designed the online site, assisted with the administration of image rights, and conducted all filming for the exhibition. Additionally, he helped to make the exhibition content suitable for online publication. This process involved digitising exhibition items and writing extra exhibition text to suit the new online environment.

With thanks to:

Lucy Gwynn, project administration; Anne Chesher, proofreading

Image credits:

Copyright and image credits have mostly been listed underneath each image. If copyright is not mentioned in the captions, the copyright for the photos belongs to Magdalen College, Oxford.

The captions for the National Anthem Gallery are listed below in order of appearance:

1.) “God Save great George our King”: An early version with a slightly different melody from the now traditional one. Published in The Gentleman’s Magazine, October 1745. Public Domain.

2.) “God Save the King”: A French version with text by Égide de Lespinasse, Le Chevalier de Langeac and music arranged for two voices by Giovanni Pacini. Manuscript, ca. 1820. Private Collection. Copyright Dr Annelies Andries.

3.) “Heil dir im Siegerkranz”: Prussian national anthem with text by Ludwig Erk after Heinrich Harries. Die deutschen Volkslieder mit ihren Singweisen, IV, 1843. Public Domain.

4.) “Heil dir im Siegerkranz”: German imperial anthem with text by Friedrich Silcher and Ludwig Erk after Heinrich Harries. Allgemeines Deutsches Kommersbuch, ca. 1900. Public Domain.

5.) “Oben am Jungen Rhein”: National anthem of Liechtenstein with text by Jakob Joseph Jauch and arranged for mixed chorus by Georg L. Sothilander. Public Domain.

Video credits:

The copyright for videos featuring the exhibition curators and/or members of Magdalen College staff belong to Magdalen College Library. The copyright for externally-produced YouTube videos resides with their respective curators. This information can be found on YouTube itself.

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